Access updating records

23-Nov-2016 22:01

Issue Book – To enter the details about the books issued.This form has a lookup field “Book Name” which imports the Books from the above form.Today we’re going to take the next logical step and show you how you can add records to an Access database.And then, just for the heck of it, we’ll take step and show you how to modify existing records as well.The record fetched is stored in the collection variable named my Book.You can now access any field in this record, from the my Book variable and update the value.

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Some days we come in excited and ready to work; other days (well, OK, column, supposed to know whether you’ve hit the Scripting Guys on a good day or a bad day?When a Book is issued, the status of the Book is updated from “Available” to “Issued” in the Books form. In the Books form, the Status of these books will be set to “Issued”.